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  NOFX is a punk band from California. You may occasionally hear some
ska, reggae, and other stuff in their music. They started off in Los Angeles,
but Fat Mike lives in San Francisco now and El Hefe lives in Eureka now.
They have been together since 1983 and have released ten albums,
seven on Epitaph Records, two on Fat Wreck Chords, and one on
Mystic Records.  They have also released various sized vinyl, some
cd singles, and to top it all, a video entitled Ten Years Of Fucking
Up on Fat Wreck Chords.  NOFX has four members, Fat Mike
(bass, vocals), El Hefe (guitar, vocals, trumpet), Eric Melvin
(guitar, vocals), and Eric Ghint (drums).  Fat Mike, Eric Melvin, and
Erik Ghint have been in the band since it started, but El Hefe first
appeared on The Longest Line in 1992.  NOFX does not have any
videos on mtv or their songs played on commercial radio because they hate
corporations. They've still become one of the biggest punk bands.