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Q: Who is in NOFX?
  A: Fat Mike (Vocals, Bass), Eric Melvin (Guitar, Vocals), Erik Ghint (Drums), El Hefe
      (Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals).
  Q: What are their real names?
  A. Fat Mike is Mike Burkett, Eric Melvin is Eric Melvin, Erik Ghint is Erik Sandin,
      and El Hefe is Aaron Abeyta.
  Q: Does Fat Mike have any aliases?
  A: Yeah, Fatty and Mike Rakhabit.
  Q: Does El Hefe have any aliases?
  A: Yeah, Hefe (just another way of saying his name).
  Q: Does Eric Melvin have any aliases?
  A: Yeah, Mel and Melvin (again, just other ways of saying his name).
  Q: Does Erik Ghint have any aliases?
  A: Yeah, Erik Shun, Groggy Nodbeggar, Herb Reath Stinks, Seymour Butts, and Smelly
      (he changes his name on each release).
  Q: What does NOFX stand for?
  A: NOFX stands for something. I am not sure. There are two possibilities. "No Effects"
      which is self explanitory and "No Fucking Straight-Edge" because when the band
      started all the guys except Fat Mike were straight-edge and he doesn't like sXe.
  Q: When did NOFX start playing?
  A: They started around 1983.
  Q: What is so special about August the 8th?
  A: It is the day that the fat hippie Jerry Garcia died (or it is the day before
      he officialy died).
  Q: Who is Don Ho?
  A: Don Ho is a fat hawain guy that is famous for some odd reason.
  Q: Is it right that NOFX has videos on MTV?
  A: Their videos are not on MTV America! Their videos can be seen on the much less
      corporate Much Music in Canada and MTV South America.
  Q: Their age
  A: ???
  Q: Did anyone in NOFX go to college?
  A: Fat Mike went to college. I am not sure about the others guys though.
  Q: What is HOFX?
  A: HOFX is a 12" or 10" on FAT, #526 of a limited edition of 8300?
  Q: What is All Of Me?
  A: All Of Me is another limited edition FAT 7". This one is U.S. only and no
      mailorder, you can only get this at you local punk rock store. Limited to 8000.
  Q: What does "B/W" means on records?
  A: But with.
  Q: Does Fat Mike own Fat Wreck Chords?
  A: He sure does.
  Q: What's FAT's adress?
  A: Fat Wreck Chords
      P.O. Box 193690
      San Francisco,CA 94119-3690
  Q: What's Mystic Records address?
  A: Mystic Records - Doug Moody Mail Order
      P.O. Box 2314
      Carlsbad, CA 92018
  Q: Is Fat Mike in any other bands?
  A: Yeah, Fat Mike plays bass in Me First And The Gimme Gimmes.
  Q: Has Fat Mike appeared on any albums by other bands?
  A: Yeah, he sings on Screeching Weasel's song "Peter Brady" from their
      album "Anthem For A New Tomorrow" and on Lagwagon's song "Lazy" from
      their album "Duh".
  Q: Is Eric Melvin in any other bands?
  A: Yeah, Eric Melvin has a punk rock karaoke band and he also in B.U.G.S.
  Q: Has El Hefe appeared on any albums by other bands?
  A: Yeah, he sings on Manic Hispanic's song "Gilligan's Island" from the
      compilation, "Show and Tell".
  Q: Is Fat Mike married?
  A: He sure is. His wife's name is Erin Burkett.
  Q: What songs does NOFX cover?
  A: Iron Man                             by Black Sabbath
                                                  from Maximum Rocknroll
    Go Your Own Way                 by Fleetwood Mac
                                                  from S&M Airlines
    Straight-Edge                         by Minor Threat
                                                  from White Trash, Two...
    Nothing But A Nightmare       by Rudimentary Peni
                                                  from I Heard They Suck Live!
    Vincent                                  by Don Maclean
                                                  from Survival Of The Fattest
    Last Caress                            by The Misfits
                                                  from Violent World
    Forming                                 by The Germs
                                                  from A Small Circle Of Friends
    Open Your Eyes                     by The Avengers
                                                  from No Time To Panic
  Q: What videos has NOFX made?
  A: Sticken In My Eye, S & M Airlines, Leave It Alone, Bob, and I Wanna Be
      An Alchoholic. People have told me that they also have videos for Liza
      And Louise, The Cause, Lori Meyers, and Freedom Lika Shopping Cart.
  Q: What did El Hefe do before NOFX?
  A: He played a lot of jazz stuff.
  Q: Does Eric Melvin run a coffee shop?
  A: He shure does. It is called Spun Melvins and is in Los Angeles. 8205 Melrose
      Ave, Los Angeles, 213-653-6118.
  Q: Does El Hefe run a club?
  A: Yep, El Hefe runs a night club called Hefe's in Eureka, California.
  Q: Who sings on Lori Meyers?
  A: That's Kim Shattuck from The Muffs.
  Q: What does White Trash, Two Heebs, And A Been stand for?
  A: The band. Erik Ghint is the white trash, Fat Mike and Eric Melvin are the two
      heebs, and El Hefe is the been.
  Q: What is White Trash, Two Kikes, and a Spic?
  A: That's what they were originally going to call White Trash, Two Heebs, and
      a Bean.
  Q: Who are those guys that are posing as NOFX in the cd insert for So Long And
      Thanks For All The Shoes?
  A: Fat Mike is Serge from Limp, Smelly is Chuck from Good Riddance, El Hefe is
      O from Fluf, and Melvin is Little John, the roadie for Swingin' Utters.
  Q: Are there any differences between Heavy Petting Zoo and Eating Lamb?
  A: Heavy Petting Zoo is the CD/CS and has a dude with a sheep in his lap on the
      cover. Eating Lamb is the LP and has a dude 69ing a sheep. They have the exact
      same songs.
  Q: Who sings Kill All The White Man, Johnny Appleseed, Buggley Eyes, My Heart is
      Yearning, and Straight-Edge?
  A: That's El Hefe!
  Q: What is Johnny Appleseed about?
  A: It is about Erik Ghint who gets laid in every town when they are on tour.
  Q: What does P.M.R.C. stand for?
  A: It stands for Parental Music Resource Center. They rate the content on music
      and give out the explicit lyrics stickers.
  Q: Where are NOFX from?
  A: NOFX were all originaly from Los Angeles but Mike lives in San Francisco now and
      El Hefe lives in Eureka now.
  Q: How do NOFX end their shows?
  A: They play The Brews and then Buggley Eyes. Buggley Eyes is dedicated to all
      the hot girls out there.